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The Future is Here | Introducing the industry leading Customer Portal system – MyNexus

The Future is Here | Introducing the industry leading Customer Portal system – MyNexus

Next generation technoloygy solutions to benefit your business

We are always looking for innovative ways to help our customers at DBL Logistics. This is why we have enhanced our partnership with Pall-Ex – one of the largest pallet networks in the UK. Pall-Ex strives for innovation, setting the standard in the industry for the rest to catch up to.

MyNexus is a one-stop logistics management solution that enables the highest levels of efficient service and visibility to our customers. We are always a phone call away to help with any of your queries, however we appreciate that the best way to get answers is online, where you can respond to customers before they have even asked the question.

MyNexus is a powerful system that gives you instant access to all of you jobs, allowing you to manage your consignments with complete ease.

Industry Leading Software

We are now in a position to begin rolling out MyNexus to our customer, and are delighted to be a part of something that is truly setting an industry standard in allowing customers complete visibility to track and trace their deliveries.

MyNexus offers an easy to use booking system that allows you to save addresses, set delivery requirements and input pallet dimensions – telling you exactly what you will be charged upon invoicing. You also have use of the tracking system that gives you complete transparency, not only can you see the scanning from dispatch to delivery, you can now see exactly where the driver is on a live map. Allowing you to see how far away they are from any delivery point, and where your driver is on their run.

There is a world map that shows you the big picture of your freight, giving you an overview of where your deliveries are on any given day. Upon delivery, instant proof-of-delivery uploads allow you to immediately see who has signed for a delivery, as well as geo-tagging that shows you exactly where the goods were signed for, in case of any discrepancies with the delivery point.

Bespoke KPI reports allow you to set up reports that highlight performance, any issues raised by these reports can be passed on to us to investigate and come to a resolve. For instance, the KPI reports can break down delivery successes based on post-codes or services, if the report evidences repeat failures on AM services to a certain delivery point, this could be highlighted to us and we will raise it with the network and delivering depot to find a solution.

We do this so we can offer our customers complete transparency, proving we are a company that will deal with any issues you may be having head-on.

Key Features of MyNexus

  1. A customer-friendly interface
  2. Real-time GPS tracking
  3. Live dashboard, showing the status of all consignments
  4. Integrated address book
  5. Bespoke KPI reports
  6. Electronic proof-of-delivery and geo-tagging

How do I get set up?

Current customers are being transferred over to the new system. We will be contacting you to arrange a meeting for us to show you around the system and train you on the things you need.

New customers will be introduced to the new system once they have opened an account with us. When you open an account with DBL Logistics, we will send you documents for you to complete so we can get you set up on MyNexus. After that, we will arrange a date for us to come in and see you to train you on the system.

MyNexus has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, but we will show you the screens that you will view most often, as well as any of the services listed above that you would like more details on.

Our enhanced partnership with Pall-Ex allows us access to all of the excellent services offered by the network. Take a look at some below;

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