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Pallet Definitions Explained

Pallet Definitions Explained


The dimensions of your goods are a vital component in any quote you will receive. Pallet dimensions will vary between hauliers and networks, who will have a slightly different definition on what they consider the size of your pallet to be.

The best way to look at it is that you are paying for space on a vehicle. The more space your pallet takes up, the more expensive it is.

However, at DBL Logistics, we have recently updated our pallet definitions allowing us to offer a greater variety of options for our customers. For instance, what would be considered a half pallet with other hauliers, is considered a quarter pallet through our network. Giving customers huge potential savings.

Pallet Dimensions

To be completely transparent, our customers are given a pallet dimension breakdown attached to all of their rate sheets so they know exactly what they will be charged based on the measurements of the goods they are sending.

Our pallet definitions are;

FULL – Width 1.2m x Length 1.0m x Height 2.2m = 1200 KG
HALF – Width 1.2m x Length 1.0m x Height 1.2m = 600 KG
QUARTER – Width 1.2m x Length 1.0m x Height 0.8m = 300 KG
MICRO/EURO – Width 1.2m x Length 0.8m x Height 0.8m = 150 KG

(Dimensions and weights are maximums).

Your rate sheet will highlight post codes, broken down into zones which are then viewed via service (Premium next day, economy 2-3 day etc.), and then pallet size. This gives you clear visibility of exactly how much you will be charged for the delivery of your pallets.

What if my goods are over these limits?

We work with a number of customers who produce a variety of products, so we have worked with our partners in the network to develop the best possible options for them. However, we offer a bespoke service for customers that have freight that is outside of these definitions – to ensure that they always get the best price.

If you regularly send goods that are over the limits above, we will come in and see you, and have a look at your freight. We will then agree a bespoke pricing structure that is in-line with the network standards so we can come to an agreement that suits all parties.

Give our sales team a call today to discuss your options, or email

Oversized Pallet Dimensions

If your freight is over the limits above, your pallets fall into the below dimensions;

Between 1.2-1.5m Long = Oversized (Charged at standard rate x 1.5)
Between 1.5-2.4m Long = Out of Gauge 2 (Charged at two times standard rate)
Between 2.4-3m Long = Out of Gauge 3 (Charged at three times standard rate)
Contact us if your goods are above these limits and our team will let you know the cost.

If you use square pallets, for instance 1.5m L x 1.5m W, this means the pallet will take up four spaces on a vehicle and could be charged at four times standard rate.

When your goods are over the standard pallet dimensions listed above, it is always best to check with us so we can confirm with you the exact cost of the delivery of your goods.

Contact us today with the dimensions of your pallet and the delivery address, and we will give you an accurate quote.

We understand that sometimes, the dimensions of your pallet can make deciphering exactly what you will charged a little complicated. This is why our traffic and sales team are well versed in pallet dimensions, and can therefore give you a price from your rate sheet that is accurate to the dimensions you give.