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Nexus Connect | DBL Logistics is Connected to Europe

Nexus Connect | DBL Logistics is Connected to Europe


International delivery made simple

DBL Logistics are always looking for innovative ways to improve our services and be the complete package for our customers. Our enhanced partnership with Pall-Ex gives us access to Nexus Connect – and the 450 plus depots across Europe, with more coming over the next months.

We have this network at our fingertips, meaning we always have options for customers who trade internationally. DBL Logistics are focused on maintaining a simple and efficient system that upholds the standards we set ourselves.

The International Process

When you have a delivery to go internationally, you may feel the weight of the details crushing you as you try to give as much information as possible to the haulier. With Pall-Ex and DBL Logistics, the process is seamless.

For the sake of functionality, international consignments are as similar to domestic ones as possible. This is to make it as easy for our customers as possible.

Once you have the details of an international delivery, simply email them over to us

We will then process the job for you – following on from that, your goods are collected from you as normal, and we then send them through the network to the relevant delivering depots.

Europe jigsaw

What do you need to avoid delays on international deliveries?

We need the following;

  1. Full delivery address, including company name and zip code
  2. A site contact local to the delivery address – that will help in case of any issues upon delivery
  3. Full pallet dimensions – We need the length, width, height and weight of the goods. Ensure these are as accurate as possible, if not the quote you receive could change.
  4. Description of the goods – if you are dispatching hazardous goods, we must be notified.
  5. Any paperwork that you need signing.

If you are dispatching highly valuable goods, notify us immediately so we can ensure they are suitably covered during their transit.

You must also notify us if there are any size restrictions at the delivery point, and if there are any time restrictions. (You will be advised of the standard transit time upon quotation, however if you require a faster service we can organise that for you).

What about Brexit?

Until we know the definitive answer on the landscape of the UK’s trade with the EU post-Brexit, we cannot be sure how the delivery process will be affected.

However, our partners in the network are prepared for the worse-case scenario. Read more here;
Settle your Brexit Nerves with DBL Logistics

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