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Make Amazon Easy

Make Amazon Easy

Here at DBL Logistics, we are always looking for ways to exceed our customer’s haulage needs. This is why we have vehicles and drivers that meet a number of specialist requirements, like FORS.

However, with the dominance of Amazon in the parcel industry, we have noticed the potential to help our customers even more.

Deliveries into Amazon RDC’s can be difficult to arrange using their booking system. You confirm the number of goods you want to deliver to one of these sites and Amazon hand you delivery details that you then have to try and arrange – with the caveat of fines if you fail to meet the deadlines.

However, our hassle free system takes the stress away from organising deliveries into Amazon RDC’s. You book online and then sit back whilst we arrange the rest.

Amazon RDC

What you need

After Amazon have placed their order with you, they will send you references. Save these and the details of your order – how many units, cartons and pallets.

Once you have the references we handle the rest on your behalf.

Deliveries into Amazon RDC’s made simple

Send over your references and book using our online system, we will then secure a delivery slot with Amazon and arrange for this to be met – keeping you updated throughout.

All of our deliveries are completed on a POD basis as standard, once Amazon have signed for their delivery we send the POD over to you within 24 hours.

How much does it cost?

As we offer a bespoke delivery service, we work with our customers to develop a rate sheet that works for them. This means our pricing structure is always competitive and tailored to your needs.

Contact our sales team at or call us on 0114 256 1404 and we will work with you to get the best price possible for your deliveries into Amazon RDC’s, for your other delivery needs you can see our UK Distribution page for more information.

Our Process

Just to make it as clear as possible, here is our process for deliveries into Amazon RDC’s

  1. Amazon place their order with you
  2. You hand over the Amazon references to us
  3. We secure a delivery slot on your behalf
  4. Signed POD returned to you.

Our Amazon service is convenient and affordable. Contact us today to speak with a member of our team to answer any of your queries, or to simply get started with booking online.