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Achieving carbon neutral status

Achieving carbon neutral status

Carbon neutral status

Originally posted on, 19th February 2015

A leading logistics and haulage company has achieved carbon neutral status by installing 120 solar panels at its warehouse in Sheffield.

DBL Logistics have installed a new 30kw solar PV system on the roof of their base at Tinsley Park Road in a move which has seen them receive an A+ energy performance rating of -182.

The installation could see the company save more than 2.5 tonnes of CO2 per year and reduce its energy bill.

David Clarkson, managing director of DBL Logistics, said: “This solar PV system installation is an exciting step for our company as it will provide a source of green, renewable energy for our warehouse. It represents an appropriate use for the technology and a good investment.

“DBL Logistics is committed to reducing its carbon footprint wherever possible and we’re extremely proud to achieve carbon neutral status.

“An average new build receives a rating of 27 and a typical existing building is ranked at 79, so achieving -182 is a remarkable achievement.

“The installation will allow us to potentially save more than 50 tonnes of CO2 over the lifetime of the system.”

The installation was carried out by Sheffield-based company West Electrical Energy and took just one week to complete.

Adam Weston, energy consultant at West Electrical Energy, said: “It was a privilege to work with DBL Logistics in the design and installation of their PV system.

“PV systems are ideal for buildings that have large roofs and a high energy usage, and this installation recognises the important role solar PV can play in making energy production more sustainable.

“As well as saving money on energy bills, the government’s feed-in tariffs enable businesses and individuals that install a PV solar system to be paid for the electricity they generate, and for any surplus electricity exported back to the national grid.

“West Electrical Energy is delighted to help companies reduce their energy bills and work towards carbon reduction targets and also national targets, helping provide a better place for our future generations.”

For more information about DBL Logistics visit, call 0114 256 1404 or follow @DBLlogistics on Twitter.

For more information about West Electrical Energy visit, call 01909 567 648 or email Pictured (top): (L-R) David Clarkson, managing director of DBL Logistics, Adam Weston, energy consultant at West Electrical Energy, and Earl Robinson, sales director of DBL Logistics.

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